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FLASHr iPhone Case Shines a Light on Notifications

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Written by Range | July 23, 2012

If you weren’t aware of this, you can make your iPhone’s LED flash work as a notification light, so that you never miss any notifications (Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> LED Flash for Alerts). There’s one problem though. Since the flash is located on the back of the device, it’s easily missed if your iPhone isn’t properly placed.

iphone flashr kickstarter led case notification light

The FLASHr seeks to improve this thanks to its glowing frame. Thanks to the design, the iPhone’s LED flash will illuminate several sides of the case, making it next to impossible to miss the notification light. The case is made out of three layers, with an extra part that reflects the LED flash onto the glow frame. Each layer is available in 5 colors, allowing for 125 possible color combinations.

The FLASHr case was launched as a Kickstarter crowndfunded project, and you’ll have to pledge at least $35(USD) to get yours.

iphone flashr kickstarter led case notification light

[via TechCrunch]