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Easy Eye Drops Make Sure You Don’t Blink

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 29, 2012

As someone who has eyes that get irritated easily, I can definitely appreciate a good design for the classic eye dropper. Even though I use eye drops on a regular basis, I still find myself blinking uncontrollably as I squeeze the drop over my eyeball.

Designer Ilmo Ahn is probably well-aware of this, which is why he came up with the Easy Eye Drops dispenser. It’s basically an eye dropper that comes with a mechanism that’ll help keep your eyes open when you prop it against your eye.

Easy Eye Drops

The container has a pair of soft, eye-safe silicone flaps at the end, which hold your eyelids open while you drip in the droplets. When not in use, the silicone flaps are stowed inside the container, and never need to be touched by hands.


That means you don’t have to hold your eyelids open anymore when you’re getting ready to use the eye dropper on them. The Easy Eye Drops is a 2012 IDEA Awards entry.

[via Yanko Design]