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Sumneeds Line Tail Earphone Winder: Kute Korean Kord Kontrol

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Written by Range | July 31, 2012

I’ve seen a couple of these earphone jack accessories pop up over time, and this one is definitely for those of you who like their smartphone accessories cute, adding tiny animal tails to your phone.

sumneeds the line tail earphone cord manager

Made in Korea, the¬†Sumneeds Line Tail earphone jack accessory was made to protect your audio jack on your phone from getting damaged when you aren’t using your headphones. The tails also act as a simple cord-management device. Simply¬†string your earphone cord through the end of the tail, and wind it up when not in use.

sumneeds the line tail earphone cord manager

Line Tails come as whale, fox, and swan ends, and there’s an accompanying set of wallpapers you can load onto your phone to give it a face to go with the tail.

[via designboom]