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EOps Noisezero Sports+ Earphones Won’t Let Go of Your Ears

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 2, 2012

I always hate it when earbuds pop out of my ears, especially when I’m on the bike or on a run. UK designer Michael Young has come up with earphone design that will probably stay put, no matter what you are doing. Oh, and the earbuds are made from recycled plastic bottles.

eops noisezero sport michael young earbuds recycled

The EOps Noisezero Sports+ headphones have a Comply foam tip that expand in your ear so that it won’t pop out, as well as a flexible “SportsFin” earlock which holds them securely inside your ear. EOps partnered up with the Coca-Cola Company to produce these earphones, which include 20% recycled material from polyethylene terephthalate used in their plastic soda bottles.

eops noisezero sport michael young earbuds recycled

They also include 9mm titanium drivers and foam tips that have some passive noise cancellation. There is a remote and microphone included, but the most interesting bit is how they pop in. The earphones will be available in red and black from EOps.

eops noisezero sport michael young earbuds recycled

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