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Freedom Sleeve Turns iPod Touch into a 4G iPhone

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Written by Range | August 5, 2012

Having compared an iPhone 4S and an iPod Touch next to each other, I can confirm that I’d rather carry around an iPod Touch since it’s very thin compared to the iPhone. That sentiment will make even more sense once you pop FreedomPop’s Freedom Sleeve case onto your iPod Touch.

freedompop ipod touch 4g case iphone sleeve wimax

The Freedom Sleeve gives your iPod Touch access to a 4G network, allowing you to use it like you use your iPhone – except on a fast, modern network. You can Skype, chat, message, and make phone calls. You can even share the signal with up to eight other devices, providing a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot.

freedompop ipod touch 4g case iphone sleeve wimax

The FreedomPop network is free for the first GB. After that, you’ll pay $10 per GB. The upside of this deal is that you don’t need to have a contract and that you can cancel it anytime.

The case costs $99(USD) and it’s aimed at people who travel a lot who are looking to ditch their cell phone contracts. If you’re interested, the Freedom Sleeve is now available for pre-order in select markets.

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