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onanoff Magnum Earbuds: Magnet-based Cable Management

 |  |  |  |  |  August 5, 2012

Like many people, I hate getting my earbuds all tangled up. Of course, when you stash them in any pocket, this is what happens. These new earphones from onanoff are supposed to resolve this issue thanks to a handy magnetic organizer.

onanoff magnum earphones earbuds magnet cord management

onanoff’s Magnum Earbuds use a 7mm Neodymium driver, come with three different silicone buds to best fit your ears, a built-in microphone and magnetic cable management. The magnetic clip can wind excess headphone cable and then attach to your clothing, providing a smart solution to your cord worries. The Magnums also feature fabric-covered cables to reduce the risk of tangles.

onanoff magnum earphones earbuds magnet cord management

They also feature the unique “Love: Jack” which allows you to share your tunes with up to four different users at the same time, by daisy-chaining multiple headphone plugs together.

onanoff magnum earphones earbuds magnet cord management

The Magnum Earbuds sell for $39.95(USD) from onanoff. They come in white, gunmetal, black and red.

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