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Custom Arc Reactor Purse for Real Iron Women

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 9, 2012

If you see a woman carrying around this custom arc reactor bag, you are either seeing a female Iron Man or else Tony Stark is taking to cross-dressing at night. Hopefully, it is the former. I’d hate to see the latter in a movie. Or anywhere else. This sweet purse is perfect for the geek girl who wants to be named Toni Stark.
This sleek Iron Man purse will carry all of your stuff. Your lipstick, compact, and other lady essentials. That’s a given. But this purse has it’s own Arc reactor that lights up with EL wire technology. Not ELO technology. Though they make some sweet music.

The bag was made by TheGoddess908 who obviously loves her some Iron Man. Fantastic job Goddess.

[via Obvious Winner]