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Stab-Resistant Prison Pens: So People at the Office Can’t Stab You in the Back

 |  |  |  |  |  August 10, 2012

Almost everything can be turned into a weapon. I think that much is clear if you’ve seen footage of prison brawls, where anything from spoons to toothbrushes can be deadly objects. How much more if prisoners somehow manage to grab an officer’s pen?

Of course, they came prepared: with these Stab-Resistant Prison Pens.

Stab PensI’m not sure if these are the exact same ones that they use in prisons, but I’m pretty sure their pens have the same ‘stab-resistant’ feature. Which is, they bend this way and that when someone tries to use them to stab somebody.

Stab Pens

So if you have some sort of phobia that has something to do with getting stabbed by a pen, then you’d better carry only these types of pens in your home and in your office.

A pack of five Stab-Resistant Prison Pens are available from ThinkGeek for $5.99(USD).

[via The Green Head]