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Bat-Signal String Art Calls the Dark Knight with Craft

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 13, 2012

If Jim Gordon had a thing for crafts, this is the Bat-signal that we would get. The upside is that it can still be dramatically killed by an axe, but Batman has to be really close to see it.

All you need is some thread, nails, a ton of patience and a desire to summon Batman and you too can make one. It actually does light up from behind as well, so maybe Batman can see it from a slight distance after all.


Why hasn’t anyone tried calling Spider-Man with this sort of thing? It’s basically a spider web right? Then you don’t waste this on Batman. The right tool for the right job and all that. Spider-Man would love this. And Peter Parker needs some gimmick where Police can call him anyhow, right? It’s a cool piece of art, I just really want Spidey to have his own signal.

[via Obvious Winner]