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Gliph App Creates Anonymous & Disposable Email Addresses

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 16, 2012

There is always a need for disposable and secure email addresses. I had a bunch of junk Hotmail addresses years ago for handling spam and subscriptions I didn’t want going to my main email address. Thanks to Gmail, I’ve whittled it down to only one, but maybe I should just dispose of it and get the Gliph app. It’s basically, this app is like the Burner app we featured a couple of days ago, but for email addresses.

gliph email app disposable anonymous encrypted client

Gliph is a free app for iPhones, Android and mobile devices. You can use it to send cloaked messages to other Gliph users or use it to send and receive emails to anyone through your regular email client. An example would be Craigslist transactions, which are always somewhat spammy. Unlike other free services like Gmail and Hotmail, Gliph email addresses are easy to create and delete, and all your emails sent via your addresses come to a central location, so there’s no need to log on onto multiple accounts.

gliph email app disposable anonymous encrypted client

When you open the app, you get to pick a string of 3 to 5 icons that represents you, instead of using a username. You get one free randomly generated email address when you sign up for Gliph, and once you’ve invited at least 5 friends, you can send attachments too.

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