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iPhone Dock Gives You a Hand Whenever You Need It

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Written by Range | August 22, 2012

I sleep pretty deeply, but staring at a cold, pale, disembodied hand that holds my smartphone to stop my alarm will probably wake me up almost immediately. This smartphone stand from Harry Allen is supposed to elicit a response from anyone seeing it or touching it inadvertently in the middle of the night.

harry allen cast hand iphone dock spooky

The iPhone Hand Dock is even wall-mountable for further freak-outs. I guess that it’s an interesting way of keeping your smartphone close, especially if a hand coming out of your wall doesn’t scare you too much. It’s definitely something unique that will please certain people. It’s made out of resin and marble. It was also cast from Harry Allen’s own hand.

harry allen cast hand iphone dock spooky

This clever, but creepy looking smartphone stand is available from Areaware for $65(USD). You might want to start thinking of ways to incorporate these into your haunted house this October.

harry allen cast hand iphone dock spooky

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