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Mega Man Cutting Board Rocks, Man.

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 26, 2012

Fans of Mega Man will find this kitchen accessory as hard to resist as taking down Dr. Wily. It’s an awesome cutting board assembled to look just like the classic 8-bit gaming icon.


Jim Van Winkle of Prairie Oak Studios made this intricate cutting board from a whopping 504 individual blocks of wood. He used walnut, maple, cherry and purpleheart woods to provide the appropriate pixel shading of Mega Man. The 16.5″ x 13.25″ x 1.75″ thick cutting board is food safe, and finished with oils and waxes to protect it from damage, should Fire Man, Ice Man or Stone Man take a shot at you while preparing dinner.

Given its complexity, the Mega Man cutting board isn’t cheap – selling for $230(USD) over on Etsy – but with nearly 2000 individually glued joints, there’s a ton of labor that went into this amazing thing.

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