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Dropbox Turns on 2-Step Verification for All Accounts: You Should Too

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 29, 2012

Losing the totality of your digital life can be a mind-boggling experience, which is one of the reasons that I immediately turned on 2-step verification when Google made it available for Google/Gmail accounts. Dropbox finally followed suit and I’m expecting others like PayPal and Amazon to follow as well.

dropbox 2-step verification security sms text message mobile

Why should you enable it? If you are using Dropbox to archive some files and your hard drive gets toasted, then it makes sense to protect them as much as possible. 2-step verification means that you add your mobile number to the site, and each time you log into your Dropbox with a new device, you’ll be sent a text message with a verification code that you’ll need to enter so that you can login.

dropbox 2-step verification security sms text message mobile

It’s a smart idea to enable this because it’s improbable that your accounts and your mobile phone will be compromised at the same time.

[via Dropbox]