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Samsung Canada Gives Fan Custom Galaxy SIII for Viral Hit, Births Another Viral Hit

 |  |  |  |  |  August 29, 2012

Redditor Perma aka Shane is one lucky bastard. Samsung Canada gave him the “only customized SIII in Canada”, featuring Shane’s own drawing of a dinosaur. How did this happen? Simple. He just asked for it.

samsung canada dinosaur galaxy s iii

Three months ago, Shane shared the above screenshot on Reddit, saying “Well, Samsung Canada has won me over.” I’m pretty sure neither Shane nor Samsung Canada’s Facebook guy didn’t expect just how popular his screenshot would become, but it did, and everyone had a good laugh. Then yesterday, Shane shared a new series of pictures on Reddit, saying “Well, Samsung Canada has me over again.”

samsung canada dinosaur galaxy s iii 2

Shane’s newer pictures obviously became a hit as well.

samsung canada dinosaur galaxy s iii 3

Samsung Canada has obviously dug itself into a hole here. They’ll have to send Shane another gadget for this latest round of positive media, which will prompt Shane to post pictures of the gadget, which will get Samsung more love, another gadget…. until eventually Shane becomes the Prime Minister of Canada. And if that doesn’t happen? Shane, may I suggest your next target.

[via Reddit]