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Zombie Sheets: The Walking Dead in Bed

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 30, 2012

Zombies and zombettes, here’s a great way to decorate your guest bedroom if you’re looking for something nice and scary to greet your friends. This set of custom-made sheets is adorned with a zombie-attack theme to keep your houseguests on their toes – and the edge of their bed – all night.


The zombie sheet set was created by textile designer¬†Melissa Christie, and it’s covered with the ever-grasping arms of the undead, as they reach for your guests’ braaaaaaains while they sleep. The best part of the design is the blood-spattered pillowcases – which let your friends know that the zombies got the last person who slept here.


The design is a combination of screen-printing, hand painting, and appliqued hands on the pillowcases, and the result is 100% awesome. Right now, Melissa isn’t taking any more orders for the sheets, but she might do another run in future. You’re best off keeping an eye out on her Etsy shop if you’d like a set for yourself. Otherwise, you could try and DIY a set if you’ve got the artistic chops – and plenty of blood-red paint lying around.

[via Walking Dead Forum via r/suatmm]