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Guerilla Creative Collective ‘Kut’ Makes it Snow in Riga

 |  |  |  |  August 31, 2012

The Latvian capital of Riga is no stranger to snow. But snow when it’s not cold out? Now that’s something different.

Latvian creative collective Kut decided to take matters into their owns hands by bringing the country to the city. Rather, they brought the fuzz from a whole lot of cattails (aka the plants that look like corn dogs) back to the city for a dose of joy.

Guerilla Creative Collective KutSo the fuzz isn’t really snow, but it sure looks like it.

Kut unleashed a whole sack of this fuzz into Riga, and the reaction that it gets from people is simply priceless. Why? Well, it was ‘to revive the grey concrete, to break the routine and give you a moment to reflect on what we are and where we are going.’

And as Kut says:

Sometimes surprises just happen and we have no influence over them but we do have influence over our perception. How ready are you to accept whatever life throws at you with a smile?

You can see the “snowfall” in action in the video clip below:

My favorite part is at 2:59. While her mom looked pretty annoyed at the whole thing, her daughter was hopping up and down and just loving every moment of it. They say people grow wiser as they age, but sometimes, it’s the younger ones who are wiser about life and happiness in their own right.

[via This Is Colossal]