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Wampa Plush Hat: When Tautaun Guts Aren’t Enough to Keep You Warm

 |  |  |  |  September 3, 2012

All of Luke’s friends know that if you want to scare the heck out of him, you just need to wear a Wampa hat. Hey, it was a traumatic experience. Being hung upside-down on the ceiling of an ice cave is bound to leave it’s scars. Sometimes they will just sneak up on him and give him a good scare. Sometimes they lose a limb to a lightsaber of course.

Seriously, this Wampa hat is awesomely nerdy. I want to wear it in the winter time and hide in the snow, scaring nerds as I growl. This neat hat is one-size fits most and it is made of 100% polyester and faux fur, just like an actual Wampa.

It’s only $19.95(USD) from Neatoshop. It is a great geeky way to keep your head warm even if it does make Luke nervous.