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Dalek Hat Exterminates Wind Chill

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 6, 2012

So the latest season of Doctor Who kicked off last week with a Dalek episode. And if you saw it, you already know that this episode breaths new life into the Daleks and takes them from being a silly overused villain to making them multi-dimensional bad guys. Well, I can’t think of a better time to buy oneself a Dalek hat.

This neat Dalek hat comes from Nerdy Needles Knitting who makes many knitted Dalek hats in a variety of colors. The real Daleks now come in a plethora of colors after all. (They also offer TARDIS hats if you’re rooting for the good guys.)

The Dalek hat will keep you warm and cozy whether you are battling the Doctor or just wasting away on a Dalek Asylum planet. Just $36(USD).

[via Fashionably Geek]