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NTT DoCoMo Builds a Phone that Can Determine if You’re Hungry or Not

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Written by Hazel Chua | September 9, 2012

Some pretty good advice I’ve heard when it comes to gaining control of your weight is this: eat only when you’re hungry. But your perceptions might be a little mixed-up if you’ve lived your whole life with an unhealthy and undisciplined eating habit.

Coming to your rescue is NTT DoCoMo’s phone-slash-breathalyzer that will tell you if you’re really hungry or not, based on your bodily reactions.

The phone is actually a modded¬†Toshiba Regza that has been made to work with a breath analyzer attachment to detect the levels of acetone in a person’s breath.

So what does acetone have to do with hunger?¬†Well, when the body starts to burn body fat instead of food, acetone is produced and will be detected in the person’s breath. By detecting the acetone level, the phone can then tell the person to eat up or lay off the bacon.

[via Red Ferret]