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Hi-Call Bluetooth Glove: Talk to the Hand

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 11, 2012

Do you remember the Bluetooth glove hack that we saw last year? Wasn’t that cute? A silly hack made by a person with silly hair. But no one’s actually going to pay for that right? A company called Hi-Fun begs to disagree.

hi-fun hi-call bluetooth glove

This is the Hi-Call Bluetooth glove, and yes, the picture above makes no sense at all. Like the hack, the Hi-Call’s left glove has a mic on its pinkie and a speaker on its thumb. There’s also a small control panel near the glove’s wrist. Pair it with any phone that supports Bluetooth connectivity and you’ve got a gloveset. Here’s Engadget’s gloves-on with the product:

You can pre-order the Hi-Call from Hi-Fun for €49.99 (~$64 USD). Strangely enough, there are different sizes for men and women, but none for what might be their real demographic: children.

[via The Viral Trend]