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Super Mario Hungry Hungry Hippos: Get the Most Marbles with Your Koopa

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 11, 2012

We don’t have nearly enough Super Mario inspired board games and this one is a work of sheer genius, turning Hungry Hungry Hippos into an amazing Koopa battle where you eat everything that you can.

This awesome game is the work of crafter KodyKoala, who spent about 50 hours modifying a standard Hungry Hungry Hippos game into a work of video game art. All I know is if Mario found himself in this Koopa-filled arena, he surely would be dead.

Each Koopa model took about 10 hours to complete and if you absolutely have to own it, the game will be going up for sale at the El Paso Comic Con on September 14th. The detail is amazing. So, who wants to buy it?


[Flickr via Obvious Winner]