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ApelPi Opso Batteries Let You Juice Your Android with an Apple

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Written by Paul Strauss | September 21, 2012

I’ve seen plenty of supplemental batteries for mobile gadgets, but they’re usually just rectangular bricks without any particular style about them. The guys over at Apel-π (pronounced “apple pie”, of course) decided to do something about it, by releasing a line of external batteries that look like a slice of Apple.


The Opso Slim works with most iPhones and Android phones, while the Opso Plus provides more power, and works with tablets like the iPad and Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire. The 16mm thick, 3 oz. Slim is powered by a 3200 mAh Li-Po battery, while the fatter, 26mm thick, 7 oz. Plus has double that capacity at 6400 mAh.


Both models are available now, and come in green, pink or white, and include USB to Micro USB and USB to 30-pin cables. The Opso Slim sells for $49.99 (USD), while the Opso Plus is priced at $59.99.