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Custom Star Wars LEGO Hoth Chess Set: Rogue Leader, Check!

 |  |  |  |  September 27, 2012

The battle for Hoth just got all brainy and strategic. This large scale (18″ x 18″) custom chess set by Brickplace puts the Empire against the Rebel Alliance in an all new way.

The detail is amazing. You have the Rebel troops in Hoth gear, the Snowtroopers, some AT-ATs, an Imperial Probe droid and of course the Wampa monster and more! All lovingly made out of LEGO. This isn’t some overpriced Franklin Mint set that just looks gaudy. This is pure geek joy.



It even has Luke in his watery Bacta tank and Han riding a Tauntaun. Man, I wish I owned this awesome chess set. I would play chess all day just to play with the figures. Check out more amazing pics on Flickr.


[via IT LEGO via Obvious Winner]