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Go Dutch Bill Lets You Split the Tab, Literally.

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Written by Hazel Chua | September 30, 2012

It’s pretty common for big groups to go out and eat together, and then split the tab afterwards. But the process of splitting up the bill can be pretty tedious, since someone usually has to break out the calculator (or calculator app) and add up the amount that each person has to pay.

But not with the Go Dutch Bill.

Go Dutch BillIt’s a billing system that automatically churns out split-able (is there even such a word?) receipts so each member of the group can just grab the tab with their order and pay for it accordingly. It’s an extremely fun and novel concept, even though we’ll probably never see it come to light because it might be pretty complex to apply in practice.

But I’d love to be wrong on that one because this concept is totally awesome.

Go Dutch Bill

Go Dutch Bill was designed by Szu-Yu Liu and is up for the 2012 iF concept design award.

[via Yanko Design]