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Deep-Fried Gadgets: Would You Like Fries with Your Big Mac(Book)?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 2, 2012

Most of us will eat anything as long as it’s been battered and fried in hot oil. How about some deep-fried gadgets? Maybe served up in a bucket with the picture of Colonel Sanders on it. Well if you like your consumer electronics like you like your fast food, then read on.

Artist Henry Hargreaves likes to deep fry all of the gadgets that we know and love. He doesn’t care about calories or artery clogging oil. He really just wants to burn and melt things in the name of artistic expression.

He fried up stuff like Macbooks, Game Boys, iPhones, iPads, earbuds, you name it. They don’t look very appetizing, but they are probably better for you than most actual fried foods. Or not.


I think we’d all try to put things we’re not supposed to in the fry basket if we had access to a deep-fryer, just to see how they turned out.

[via Insanely Gaming via Obvious Winner]