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Steampunk Predator Helmet: One Ugly (But Safe) Motherbleeper

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 4, 2012

What if the Predators attacked London in 1849? Well, tea time would have to wait, but also, the Predators might have worn cool Steampunk helmets like this one. Imagine how cool it would have been for one of them to take off this thing and show it’s hideous face underneath

This badass helmet was created by Skunkworks Props, and yes it’s actually wearable. The helmet itself weighs about 2lbs and is cast in fiberglass and finished with waxes, airbrushing and metal rubs. I can just see Arnold saying, “You are one ugly mother…, but your helmet is amazing!”

This helmet even surpassed the creator’s expectations and it is a true work of geek art. If you ever see someone wearing this, run.

[Skunkwork Props via Obvious Winner]