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Amazing Frankenweenie Cupcakes Look Like Tim Burton Could Have Baked Them

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 5, 2012

I’m really looking forward to checking out Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. Early buzz is that it’s pretty great, and I just love Burton’s dark humor and animation style for his latest Disney flick. While we wait to get to the theater to check it out, why not relax and enjoy some cupcakes? I think I will…


These truly impressive Frankenweenie cupcakes were made by Death By Cupcakes, and feature the likenesses of all the major characters from the movie, including Mr. Rzykruski, Nassor, Elsa, Edgar, Victor, Persephone, Toshiaki, Weird Girl, and of coruse, Sparky the dog.


Each cupcake was lovingly hand-painted with incredibly accurate detail, and if they taste 1/10th as delicious as they look, I’d eat the whole plate if I could. Then I’d try to bring them back to life by jolting them with electricity them so I could eat them all over again.

[via Between the Pages]