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3D Printed Headphones: You Wouldn’t Steal a Song, But You Can Download Headphones

 |  |  |  |  October 7, 2012

Many of the 3D printed products we’ve seen are for commercial purposes, prototypes or toys. But as the technology matures and becomes more affordable, we’ll start seeing more products that us ordinary folks can appreciate and more importantly use in our daily life. Objects like this 3D printed pair of headphones.

1330 3d printed headphones by teague labs

The headphones were made by John Mabry of Teague Labs, who wanted to see if he can create a functional object that can be 3D printed and then assembled without any tools. He called the headphones 13:30 because it took 13 hours and 30 minutes to print its components. That’s a hell of a print job, but I wouldn’t be able to make a pair of headphones even if I had 13 months and 30 days.

Mabry posted the files and instructions on Thingiverse. The components are meant to be printed on a Makerbot Replicator, which is certainly not a mainstream product, but is also a long way from an entire factory filled with machines and craftsmen.

[Teague Labs via Engadget]