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Memorize Pi While You Drink, Cook and Eat

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 8, 2012

Mathematics geeks will often use the number of digits of Pi they can remember as a measure of pride. While I might be able to get as far as 3.141592653589793, that’s about where I lose it. But with these special drinking glasses, I bet I’d be able to recite 100 digits in no time.


TheUncommonGreen’s Pi series is printed several hundred digits of the mathematical constant – which for those of you who flunked math class is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Duh.


There’s a Pi pint glass ($36/pair), a Pi rocks glass ($36/pair) and a Pi shot glass ($20/each), so you can even memorize digits while you get drunk. I’m not sure how much those Pi coasters go for, though. And if you want to keep working on your math while you cook dinner, there’s a matching Pi kitchen towel.


And when your guests arrive, you can help them learn Pi too, while they cut the cheese on this Pi plate ($55).


But my favorite of the Pi series won’t help me memorize its digits at all – but it will help me drink more beer – and that’s the Pi bottle opener ($45).


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