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1980s Camcorder Recycled into Craziest iPhone Dock Yet

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 13, 2012

Ever since my iPhone 5 showed up with its tiny new Lightning connector, I don’t use a dock anymore. Maybe once my overpriced 30-pin adapter shows up, I will, and maybe it’ll be this one.


In one of the more unusual examples of “upcycling” old tech, iasVintage took an old Panasonic Newvicon Omnipro camcorder from the 1980s and transformed it into an iPhone dock. Why? To prove it could be done, I suppose. But wait – there’s more. This thing isn’t just a dock for your iOS device, no. It’s also a lamp! Now all they need to do is turn that weird little fold-out keyboard into a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone, and it’ll be perfect.

If you long for the days of camcorders you had to carry on your shoulder, you can grab this oddity over on Etsy for $65(USD). You’ll have to pony up a few more dollars if you want one of those cool vintage filament bulbs like the one in the picture, though.