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Four-Wheeler + Jetski = Quadski

 |  |  |  |  |  October 15, 2012

I think like most people who grew up watching James Bond hoon that white Lotus Esprit around Greece and then drive it directly into and out of the ocean where it became a submarine, I’ve always wanted an amphibious vehicle. You still can’t buy a Lotus that transforms into a submarine, but pretty soon you’ll be able to purchase the Quadski.

The Quadski is an amphibious vehicle designed to carry one person that can transform from a four-wheeler to a jet ski-like vehicle in 5 seconds at the press of a button. The vehicle is capable of traveling at 45 mph both on land and in the water. When on land the four wheels allow the driver to cruise on just about any terrain out there.

The vehicle can be driven directly into the water from the land. With the press of a button, its wheels move up and out of the way, completing the transformation into a water vehicle.  Power for the vehicle comes from a BMW four-cylinder engine.

The two biggest problems I see with the Quadski are the fact that it only holds one person and the MSRP is expected to be about $40,000 (USD)… and it still doesn’t turn into a submarine.

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