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Lagrange L1 Turns Any Skateboard into an Electric Vehicle… for a Price

 |  |  |  October 16, 2012

A new project has landed on Kickstarter that looks pretty interesting. The project is for a skateboard truck (the axle assembly) that has provisions for electric motor and controls. When attached to a traditional skateboard deck, the Lagrange L1 converts it into an electric vehicle.

RedRock Boardshop, the people behind the project say that they have tested the system with a 200-pound rider and have been able to achieve an electric driving range of 10 to 15 miles at 20+ mph. I know this sounds really cool, but when you look at the fine details this is a very expensive DIY kit for what amounts to a plaything. It will cost you at least $300 to get the skate truck and required brackets. That doesn’t include the electric motor, electronics, and other various parts.

You’ll need to spend $950(USD) or more to get the motorized skate truck with electronics, remote control, and the battery. You’ll still have to add the deck, wheels, front truck, and a backpack to hold the battery. If this sounds interesting and you can stomach the money, watch the video and see the device in action. While there have been several other electric skateboard projects in recent months, the Lagrange L1 lets you use your own custom skate deck as well as fine-tune it to your own riding preferences.

Unfortunately, the project is a long way from its funding goal, as it’s seeking $99,999 and has only raised about $5000 with 12 days to go.