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Skateboard Lamp Great for Doing Faceplants from Your Ceiling

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 18, 2012

I was always pretty good at the Tony Hawk: Pro Skater games, pulling off mad combo moves thanks to generous use of manuals between tricks. Unfortunately, the second I hop on a real skateboard, forget about it. A 200-pound guy falling face-first off a skateboard isn’t a pretty sight (thought it could be popular on YouTube.) For those of you who’d rather keep the skate trucks off the ground, maybe you should go for one of these instead.


This whimsical skateboard ceiling lamp is actually designed for a kid’s room, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for anyone into ‘boarding. Though with its thin 24″ acrylic deck and narrow aircraft cables suspending it from its chrome canopy, I wouldn’t recommend trying to hop on it, unless you’re a hamster – or maybe a kitten. A skateboarding cat – now that’s something I’d like to see. Oh, Internet.

Skatepunks can Ollie on over to ELights, where you can grab one of these boards for about $178(USD).