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Mediation Chair Brings the Discussion to Your Seats

 |  |  |  |  October 19, 2012

Some people resort to delivering blows when they can’t agree with someone. Maybe that would be excusable if you were a kid (even though it still wouldn’t be right), but it’s beyond embarrassing to be a fully-grown adult who gets into fistfights on a regular basis just because you can’t make your point across without having to resort to force.

This is where mediation should come in. And what better way to do these sessions than in the Mediation Chair?

Mediation ChairIt looks pretty confusing at first, but at second glance, you’ll see that there are actually three seats positioned side-by-side. One for you, one for the mediator in the middle (facing the other way), and one for the other party.

Designer Peter Sas explains: “The chair is highly functional, and clearly designed with Rietveld’s archetype in mind. The way you in which you sit is also really important. You always sit constrained in a group discussion. The chair, because of its zigzag construction, forces you to always look straight ahead and you can always get up and walk away. That gives the feeling of freedom.”

The bit about being able to walk away is pretty clever, don’t you think?

[via Chair Blog]