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R2-D2 Talking Plush Ball: Spaceballs: The Ball

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 21, 2012

From the day that Star Wars came out, I always thought R2-D2 looked like a trashcan on wheels. So an R2-D2 trashcan makes sense as a mechandising tie-in. On the other hand, I never really pictured R2 as an orb. But that didn’t stop Underground Toys from making him into one.


This literal oddball features what looks like the unholy spawn of R2-D2 and Wheatley, with its googly cyclops eye staring back at you. This plush R2-D2 ball even “talks” – whatever that means. I’m guessing that it justĀ beeps like this guy, since the little maintenance droid never uttered an word of English in its life.

If you’re ready to play with your balls, then head on over to BigBadToyStore now, where you can pre-order the R2-D2 Talking Plush Ball for $19.99(USD), where you can also find plush ball versions of Yoda, Chewie and the Dark Lord himself.


[via R2D2Central]