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Use a Rubber Band As an iPhone Grip

 |  |  |  |  |  November 1, 2012

It seems there’s always a better iPhone case around the corner… While I don’t think I have that many iPhone cases, I do have about 8 and unlike some people boast that their iPhones are naked, and without protection, I like to have my iPhone nicely protected, so that I can sell it when I eventually upgrade. That being said, using a rubber band as simple iPhone grip is definitely a cool idea.

iphne smartphone rubber band grip diy

If you like the naked iPhone look, but still want to get a better grip on yours, then check out what Instructables user timwikander came up with. You can basically use any thick rubber band and stretch it out around your iPhone, without sacrificing much in looks. While he reports that he was able to drill in a couple of holes to get access to the ports, I think it’s probably better just to remove it when you need access. That way, the rubber band remains tight and secure, no matter what.

iphne smartphone rubber band grip diy

If you can find some transparent, thick rubber bands, it might look really good too.

iphne smartphone rubber band grip diy

iphne smartphone rubber band grip diy

[via GadgetOse]