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Sprout Pencil Sprouts Herbs and Veggies from the Stubby End

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Written by Hazel Chua | November 2, 2012

Whoever invented pencils didn’t really think things through. Everything’s all good at the start, but what happens when the pencil gets too short and stubby that you can’t really use it to write comfortably?

That’s where the folks behind the Sprout Pencil come in.


You see, the Sprout is no ordinary pencil. Embedded on the end where the eraser is supposed to be is a seed capsule instead. So when the pencil gets too short for comfort, you can just stick the stub into a pot of soil or compost and water it to grow your own little plant.

The Sprouts come in many different varieties, including some of your favorite herbs and vegetables. You can leave the pencil in the soil to serve as a planting marker or you can throw it out if you want to.


Sprout was launched on Kickstarter last September. It exceeded the funding goal that was set and is currently in production. If you missed it then, don’t worry, because the team behind it are getting ready to offer Sprout for sale online and in stores.