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Marvel Superhero Family Decals: Avengers (and X-Man) on Board

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 4, 2012

Whether your preferred mode of transportation is a car, truck, motorcycle, moped, Segway, bicycle, unicycle, skateboard, or even an invisible jet plane, comic book fans will want to pimp out their rides with these Marvel Family Car Decals.


These small vinyl stickers come with images of Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man, along with their family personas of Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Dog and Cat. Since they come with 2 of each character, you’ll even be able to represent a family of 10 (assuming 2 of each type of person – that’s more Moms and Dads than most of us have, but possibly fewer cats.)


Mix and match ’em to assemble your own superhero league. The full set of decals is available over at ThinkGeek for just $14.99(USD). Now stop asking where The Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Nick Fury and that guy with the bow and arrow are. You’re not getting them. Personally, I’m waiting ¬†for a set with Magneto, Loki, Green Goblin, Red Skull and Doctor Doom’s families.