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R2-D2 Scooter Rides for Princess Vespa not Leia

 |  |  |  |  |  November 5, 2012

If you’re waiting for me to say something about “This is the scooter you’re looking for,” don’t. I’m doing my darnedest not to use that overused droid meme ever again.

This R2-D2 Vespa scooter was made by¬†Geekologie¬†reader Morgan, and it’s every bit as awesome as a scooter can get. Though I doubt the headlight can project a hologram of a princess in need. But that’d be pretty cool if it did.


The fifth grade teacher/Star Wars fan says he put together the bike using “adhesive vinyl, some meticulous cutting and a 12-pack of beer.” I’m not sure where the beer went, since I thought that Bender was the only robot who had a drinking problem. Beyond the R2-D2 styling, my favorite touch is the suitcase on back, covered with travel stickers from a galaxy far, far away.


Great job, Morgan. Just don’t try and ride this R2-D2 into the Dagobah swamp.

[via Geekologie]