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Stormtrooper Stained Glass: If the Empire Had a Church

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 5, 2012

While I never figured Darth Vader to be a man of faith, he definitely had enough of an ego to start his own church – but instead of religious figures and scenes on the stained glass, he’d much more likely go with something like this.


Yep, that’s a stormtrooper stained glass window, and Vader would line the walls of his church with an army of these, and perhaps images of the Death Star and the extermination of Alderaan.

This awesome stained glass window was made by artist Donna Terraza, and measures a substantial 22.5″ by 43.5″, so it’s almost life-sized. And before you go complaining about the helmet design, this thing is based on CC-1138 (aka Clone Marshal Commander Bacara) – who looked exactly like this.

Can you imagine if you had a glass front door, and installed this thing behind the glass? How cool would that be? I bet you’d never get unwanted solicitors coming to your front door again.

The window shown here has already been sold, but you can order one custom made over on Etsy for $710(USD). You hear that, Lord Vader?