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Thanko Wearable Mouse: Minor Minority Report

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 5, 2012

With TVs getting smarter and computers getting smaller, Internet-connected TVs and home theaters will only become more common. So will peripherals designed to be used for couch computing, like this wireless glove mouse from Thanko.

thanko wearable gesture mouse

This silly gadget lets you control a cursor with the movements of your wrist. Two buttons worn on the index finger substitute for the left and right mouse buttons. I know, it looks like a prop from 90’s sci-fi B-movie, but it actually works:

Thanko is selling the wearable mouse for ¥4,980 (~$62 USD). Although the video makes it seem like a fairly useful product, I think the best way to control smart TVs would be to leverage tablets and smartphones with a keyboard/trackpad app. I think using something like this one would be tiring after a while.

[via Akihabara News]