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R2-D2 Engagement Ring: R2-I-Do

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 10, 2012

Some Star Wars fans really go all-out, and this custom-designed R2-D2 engagement ring is no exception. This is no cheap Cracker Jack box trinket – oh, remember when the prizes weren’t all made out of paper? – it’s made from pricey metals and precious gemstones.


This amazing R2-D2 ring was created by Paul Michael Bierker¬†as a custom-commissioned piece for graphic and tattoo artist Joe, who wanted to present it to his bride-to-be, Emily. The ring is made from precious metals inlaid with blue sapphires and a big-honkin’ diamond in the middle. Joe started out by sending along some concept images to Paul, and from there, he really ran with it.


And while Joe’s spelling leaves a little to be desired (baggets? saphire?) he more than makes up for it with his spirit and creativity. Joe has truly stepped up the game for geeks in love everywhere.


Check out this short video of Joe presenting this awesome droid ring to Emily, and a little more imagery of this jewelry masterpiece.

The only thing better would have been if he dressed up as C-3PO when he proposed to her. And yes, those were their Halloween costumes in the video. I think.

[Custom Made via ThinkGeek on Facebook]