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Bird Photo Booth: Smile and Say “Seed!”

 |  |  |  |  November 11, 2012

If you’ve ever tried snapping photos of birds, you know it’s really difficult to get pics – and it usually requires expensive zoom lenses to get really up close and personal with our feathered friends. With this new gadget, you’ll be able to grab amazing photos of birds for as little as $149.


The Bird Photo Booth is a special bird feeding rig that holds an iPhone, iPod Touch, or GoPro camera, and lets you watch and photograph birds remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your iPad or other internet-connected device. Using an app like Duplicam or the GoPro App lets you view real-time video, as well as capture stills on demand.


Each one is handmade from sustainably-harvested wood and CNC cut metal components, and has a large macro lens that sits in front of your gadget’s camera. Interchangeable foam inserts hold your device in just the right position. It was created by bird lover and photographer Bryson Lovett, who is currently trying fund the production of the device through Kickstarter.

As you can see from the video clip above, the Bird Photo Booth can capture some amazing close-up video and stills of our avian friends, taking advantage of the high-quality digital cameras in today’s latest gadgets. The photo below is an actual image shot with the prototype:


A pledge of $149 (USD) or more will get you one of the first Bird Photo Booths – assuming the project meets its funding goal 22 days from now. The project has already raised over $13,000 of its $35,000 goal, so he only needs to sell about 150 more cameras to meet that goal.

Now all I need is to live somewhere that we get more than pigeons and sparrows, and I’ll be all set.