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Weeping Angel Barbie: Don’t Blink!

 |  |  |  |  |  November 12, 2012

Whatever you do Ken, don’t blink. If you are in the Malibu Beach House soaking up the sun’s rays by the pool, or riding along with Barbie in her convertible, don’t do it. Not even for an instant. Always keep your eyes on Barbie – and keep them wide open.

While I’m sure that Barbies must have been turned into weeping angels before at some point, you have to admire the dedication and the quality of Sarah Franz-Wichlacz’s work here. But if Sarah is making weeping angels, does that make her Doctor Who’s greatest foe?


Hit the link above to check out her whole build process. Maybe try your hand at building your own. It will give you a fun project while you wait for the Doctor Who Christmas special.

[via MadArtLab via The Mary Sue]