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3D Printed Knitted Sweater iPhone 5 Case Wins Shapeways Competition

 |  |  |  |  |  November 13, 2012

I’m itching like many to have a 3D printer at home so that I can print out stuff like this iPhone 5 case, which won a competition at Shapeways. It was one of five hundred entries, and what’s unique about this case is that looks more like it was knit than 3D printed.

artizanwork sweater 3d-printed iphone 5 case shapeways

The winning case was designed by ArtizanWork. It comes in four different colors and doesn’t look like an ordinary iPhone case. It looks like a mix of something hand-knit and some chainmail. The edges of the case are sturdy but the space in between is more flexible. It can actually move around a bit when prodded.

artizanwork sweater 3d-printed iphone 5 case shapeways

What’s really cool is that stitched bits can move separately from each other, creating a tactile feeling that unlike any other case. They also act like mini shock absorbers that protect your phone. The case is available directly from ArtizanWork¬†for $75(USD).

[via core77]