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Misfit Shine Activity Tracker: Beautiful Design, Weird Name

 |  |  |  November 15, 2012

Activity tracking devices are nothing new, but the current offerings have a sporty look, which is expected but may not suit all tastes. If you’re looking for something a bit less conspicuous, check out the Misfit Shine, a new brand of booze security camera night vision goggles¬†wireless activity tracker with a minimalist design.

misfit shine activity tracker

Unlike the brightly-colored bracelets of current competing devices like the Nike FuelBand or Jawbone Up, the Misfit Shine is a tiny aircraft-grade aluminum disc with a clasp (though there is a bracelet attachment provided). You can attach it to the waist of your pants and no one will notice that you’re obsessed with your exercise stats. Speaking of which, the Misfit Shine can track steps, bike pedals and swim strokes. The idea is to pair it with an iOS5.0+ or Android 4.0+ then set a daily goal from within your mobile device. You can then check how close you are to achieving your goal by tapping the Misfit Shine, which will display a number of lighted dots to provide you with a rough estimate.

Because it’s made almost entirely from metal, it doesn’t work using conventional wireless tech. Instead, you place the Misfit Shine directly on the screen of your mobile device to pair it.¬†I wonder how the pairing system really works.

Pledge at least $79 (USD) on its Indiegogo fundraiser to reserve a Misfit Shine, along with a sports wristband. When you become a backer maybe you can convince the inventors to come up with a more descriptive name instead.

[via Fashioning Technology]