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Re-Timer: The Stylish, Non-All Nighter Way of Overcoming Jet Lag

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 23, 2012

Anyone who’s experienced intercontinental jet lag will tell you that it really messes you up. My personal system involves doing an all-nighter the night before I get onto a plane, so that I crash when I land. These goggles might help me actually get more sleep and do away with this all-nighter foolishness.

re-timer jet lag goggles anti alertness

The Re-Timer is designed to help reset your body’s internal biological clock so that jet lag effects can be minimized. The goggles emit a soft green light onto the eyes of the wearer, and this is supposed to improve your alertness level, and make getting out of bed easier. Its makers claim the reason why it works is because Re-Timer mimics the effects of sunlight, relying on light to stimulate a segment of the brain which is responsible for regulating our biological clocks.

With that in mind, wearing them could also help manage the effects of seasonal affective disorder (aka the “Winter Blues”), as well as to help those who work the night shift readjust their body clocks.


The Re-Timer was designed on the back of 25 years of research, so I would hope that they would be effective. A pair of Re-Timer goggles costs AUD$249 (~$258 USD).

[via Ubergizmo]