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The Sword Skillet Won’t Slice or Dice Opponents, But It Will Fry Their Eggs

 |  |  |  |  November 23, 2012

If you are looking to take up the sword, but can’t stab, slice or parry, this sword skillet might be for you. It won’t pierce flesh, but will still knock your enemy out cold if you can get close enough to hit him upside the head with it. And then after your victorious, but silly battle is over, this weapon will fry up some eggs rather nicely.

It will also cook up dragon meat like a pro, but let’s face it, you are never going to kill a dragon with this weapon, so it looks like you will be eating a lot of eggs – and not dragon’s eggs.

TheĀ Combat Skillet by Morlock Enterprises really is a functional frying pan with a hilt attached. So if you are cooking breakfast and someone suddenly attacks you, just grab the hilt and hit him in the head. Ass-kicking is served. Now back to breakfast.

The skillet is available over on Kickstarter for $45(USD), or you can also order just the handle for converting your existing frying pans for just $27. The project has already raised over $13,000 so far, which is well above its fundraising goal.

[via Obvious Winner]