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Disney Creates Robot That Can Play Catch

 |  |  |  |  |  November 26, 2012

Apparently, Disney want your kids to spend more time with robots and less with parents. At least that would appear to be their goal judging by this humanoid robot. The robotics experts at the Disney Research lab in Pittsburgh have created a humanoid robot that can play a game of catch for possible use in theme parks.

Well, it’s more like a game of lob, but some day it will be really awesome at a game of catch. This robot can lob a ball to you and when you throw it back, can find, register, and catch it. The robot uses a Kinect to sense and track the trajectory of an object thrown directly at it, adjusting so that it can catch it with one hand.

If it misses the catch, the robot will look around for the ball or shake its head in dismay. Its sensors also track and follow the direction of the human it’s playing with, so it will turn and face its partner if they move out of the way. Looks like robot baseball is coming along just fine.

[via PopSci via Geekosystem]