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While Baby Rests, A Creative Parent Comes out to Play

 |  |  |  |  |  November 26, 2012

Babies. What’s not to love? They coo, they cry, and while they might throw the occasional tantrum or pee all over you without warning, the smile that they’ll give you at the end of the day makes everything worth it.

Babies are a lot of work, and I’m not talking about the part where you make them. So when they’re resting, it’s understandable that this is when the parents come out to play – only not in the way you’d think they would.

Napping BabyYou might have different ideas when I say play, but when it comes to photographer and artist Adele Enersen, ‘play’ means having fun with her kid Vincent by doodling all over his photos. Now it’s time for mom to have some fun at her son’s expense, and the results couldn’t be cuter.

Isn’t this one of the best parent projects you’ve seen or what?

[via Incredible Things]